The mission of Sayreville Middle School Library Media Center is to 
support the district's mission statement and provide a vision for the 21st 
century.  Sayreville School District educates today’s learners to be 
tomorrow’s leaders by providing all students with a high quality, challenging 
education that instills character and enables our students to compete 
successfully in the 21st century.  SMS Library Media Center is committed to 
the whole development of children, nurturing each child’s mind, body and 
character.  It is our goal for all students to develop problem solving 
skills, critical thinking patterns and foster a lifelong love of reading.  
Ultimately the goal of the Library Media Center, is to support the district 
as they turn students into contributing, independent, concerned and informed 
citizens of the local and global community.  The SMS Media Center will work 
with staff, faculty, parents and administration to provide the best possible 
support to successful programs at SMS.  SMS Library Media Center is committed 
to providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can learn and grow. 
The Library Media Center is a place where students can improve interpersonal 
relationships, character development and good citizenship while helping 
students shine in academics.  Finally, being behind the district’s Vision 
2030- “Educating Today’s Learners to be Tomorrow’s Leaders”