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Sayreville Middle School Library Media Center

This guide will assist the Sayreville Middle School community with information and resources.

Learn about Digital Literacy

Check out Common Sense Media!

Common Sense Media

Children are on the front lines of a digital revolution.

Devices, social networks, and media are changing childhood in radical ways.

We all want kids to grow up healthy and happy as the world accelerates around them.

Common Sense has helped hundreds of millions of parents, teachers, and policymakers navigate this accelerating landscape. 

Check this site out for reviews on books, movies, video games and apps.

Common Sense Media


Rosen Publishing Digital Literacy Database

Learn how to use digital tools to create:

  • Podcasts
  • PSAs
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Digital Business Plans
  • Social Media Campaigns & More.

Database articles explore:

  • Cyberbullying & Safety
  • Digital Research Skills
  • Citizen Journalism 
  • Internet Biographies 

Please ask Mrs. Dobrzynski for the Sayreville Middle School User ID and Password.


Common Sense Media: Digital Compass

Common Sense Media: Digital Passport